The Language Guild is a private, independent, South African company specialising in Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them  Gen 11: 6

Breaking barriers of language and building a nation founded on open communication and understanding.

Who We Are

  • To empower people through affordable language training and education systems, built on sound educational principles.
  • To develop materials for adult language teaching based on African culture, literature and values.
  • To raise awareness of teaching English and other languages as second languages in South Africa
  • To continually strive to develop South Africa as a viable option for people of other nations wishing to study a language and travel
  • To empower people to break language barriers so that together we can build a stronger nation able to communicate freely
  • To work closely with other South African educational organisations
  • To become recognised by the South African Education authority and to be SAQA accredited
  • We are accredited to City and Guilds of London to offer ESOL and TEFL courses.
  • To be actively involved in community based projects (ICC, churches) aimed at the social and economic empowerment of individuals within those communities
We are committed to building a sustainable infrastructure, which will impact our communities, our country and Africa for generations to come.
  • To demonstrate a commitment to excellence and innovation in everything we do
  • To build relationships on integrity and trust
  • We believe in empowering people to change their lives thereby building a stronger nation
  • We foster a culture of joy and passion throughout our company.

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Our Top Achiever

Marley Mbique was our Top Achiever from our August Graduation.  Congratulations Marley. Keep up the good work.

Frequently Asked Questions

We strive to make our students’ studying experience hassle-free by providing a number of relevant services.

Do you assist with finding a Medical Aid for the students?
We are in proud partnership with Momentum Health and are happy to assist students with acquiring a student/family medical aid required for the visa application. Each student is given or emailed a brochure, application form and a quotation.
Do you assist with helping students open bank accounts?
Students that require a bank account are given a letter from the school stating that they are registered students. Many of the banks visit the school and assist students with opening bank accounts.
How long are the courses?
The entire course from Beginner (Level 1) to Advanced (Level 6) takes approximately 18 months. Each level takes between 2.5 – 3 months to complete.
Does the school help find accommodation?
The school has many registered guest houses which students find affordable and comfortable. These guest houses are situated close to the school and other amenities.
Does the school assist students with furthering their education in SA?
The school provides assistance with finding schools and universities to suit their requirements.
Do you help translate documentation?
All documentation that needs to be translated is done so using reputable individuals, that are certified to do so.
Do you provide transport?
The Language Guild provides a reliable transportation service for the Bedfordview, Kensington, Edenvale and other surrounding areas at an affordable cost.
Do you assist with the validation of documentation at SAQA (South African Qualification Authority)?
The school provides transportation and assistance to The South African Qualification Authority in Pretoria.
Do the students receive certification after each level?
After completing each level, a graduation is held at the school in which we celebrate our students success.  Each student receives a report that describes their progress during the examination process and a certificate.

What our students have to say…

I spent only a month at the Language Guild School but it was enough to be one of my best memories of my South African holiday. Since the first day of lesson, I understood that it wasn’t only a school but a sort of family. I could learn very much about the English language and the proper way to speak and write in English but it wasn’t all. I could know more about other cultures and about me too. I left a part of my heart there. SARA COMPALATI


I have much to thank this school because when I came to this school I did not know anything more with my dedication and good teachers today I speak English. The school is like a family.  The teachers and the Director make everyone feel at home and it was with this ambience of family, in less than 6 months I started to speak. I am grateful at what the school has done for me and I will tell people about the school. It is a wonderful place. . ANACELTO FERNANDES


More than an English School, The Language Guild is a family. Here you learn with pleasure and interact with everyone. I proudly communicate in English! EVALDO SOARES


I spent a delightful time at The Language Guild, surrounded by the coolest people ever, the best teachers that you can imagine. They’re  not like the image that we have of those boring school, they provide to the students a relaxed atmosphere so can learn. It’s also an awesome way to spend your vacation, cause you will have the opportunity to meet nice people and learn english and lets face it it’s boring if you are on vacation and you don’t have anything to do. The thing that I most appreciate about the school is that they are like a family and they really care about the students they encourage people to pursue the sings that you believe, and I cannot forget to mention that they have the most beautiful teachers working there. KUMPESA SANDA


To have a time at The Language Guid was for me a blessed time. In my vision and understanding, God used this school to open my vision to the world. With an amazing staff The Language Guild gave to me an opportunity to see life in another way. I gathered precious things as amazing friend and knowing. What I can say before all of this? Just thank you all. May God bless all of you and I wish that many other people has the same opportunity. ROBSON SANTOS


The Language Guild not only taught us the English language, but also helped us during our beginning in South Africa which was so important for who was so far from home and had to transpose many obstacles to learn new culture and reach aims. When we came to this school, we couldn’t speak English, now wherever we go we can communicate and express our thoughts,  in addition, at The Language Guild we made new friends! We’re now better prepared to do our job! ZELMA ANDRADE


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